SKY® Blood Lines

SKY® Blood Line Sets feature many practical improvements over than other brands specially as to nationalization of the components. To guarantee much safer and easier to use, SKY® manufactures Blood Line Sets in many configurations and specifications to meet user's needs and to fit all types of dialyzers and dialysis equipments




SKY® Dialyzer

SKY® disposable hollow fiber hemodialyzer

Use high molecular composite membrane Polysulfone, micro-pore diameter is 0.001um-0.005 um. The dialyzer has the function of effectively eliminating carbamide, creatinine and some medium molecular toxins,and has excellent ultra-filtration function. It applies to cure acute and chronic kidney failure patients caused bysevere injury, and poisoning



SKY® AV Fistula needle

Ultra wall and siliconized fistula needle with or
without back eye.
Unique process on blade to reduce pain and skin damage occurred at the time of puncture.
Flexible fixed or rotating wing for easy slip-free puncture operation.
Clear kink resistant tube fitted with female luer
lock and pinch clamp